When it is time to get rid of your old appliances in your home, you may think you can just leave them on the curb or go to your local dumpster to get rid of them. The truth is, you cannot. Many times, your local garbage collection company will not pick up appliances if you leave them out, and junkyards require service fees for you to drop anything larger off. Not to mention what a hassle it is trying to load old fridges, or anything large, into your car and take them anywhere.

Instead of trying to get rid of your old appliances by yourself, why not hire the professionals at Rick’s Appliances for appliance removal? We will come to you and dispose of any old appliances that you no longer want in your home; we’ll do the heavy work for you.

Leaving the appliance removal up to us means that you can sit back and watch as your old, worn out appliances disappear from your home. At Rick’s Appliances, we believe that it is not just about getting rid of your things but more so about doing it the right way. We use environmental practices in our services protecting the environment we all call home. We take great pride in properly disposing of your old appliances; anything we can do for our community to ensure the safety and health of our neighbors, we are more than happy to do.

If you need appliance recycling done for you, we would love to help you out.  Call us today to schedule a pickup, and let us take your old appliances off your hands. *Service fee could be required.